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Technical Help

Continuously exploring new technologies and methods to meet customer needs:

Our technical team is composed of a group of passionate and creative professionals from different fields, including biochemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology, and more. Our team has rich experience and skills to provide customers with high-quality solutions, constantly exploring new technologies and methods to meet their needs.

Peter Cao, a core technician, entered the IVD industry in 2008 with 15 years of industry experience and successfully launched projects in fields such as DOA, infectious diseases, pet health test, and food safety. Having a high sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, able to maintain high efficiency and quality under tight project schedules. We believe that through our efforts and innovation, we can create more value and opportunities for our customers.

After-sale Service

As top of leading point of care testing manufacturers, Prometheus Bio Inc has a professional customer service team to ensure timely service response, effective problem-solving, standardized service process, comprehensive service content, and comprehensive solutions to customer problems; A professional R&D team will optimize product performance based on customers' actual needs, provide technical support to customers, and make products that meet their satisfaction.

poct products services
poct products services

Shipping Info

Prometheus Bio Inc. can provide air transportation, sea transportation and express delivery services. It will choose sea transportation or air transportation according to customers' wishes, or arrange transportation according to the order urgency. For orders with relatively small quantities, considering time and economic issues, we will arrange express delivery for customers, which is both cheap and fast.

Technique Support

The UCP-SR100 scanner provides an intuitive user interface and high performance to scan the results on UCP’s Drug Test Cups (Round Cups)

• Stand alone device with its own touch screen and keyboard

• Quick boot – no lamp warm up time

• Cup scan < 40 seconds

• Easy operation with minimized steps

• Auto-recognition of drug test cup type and number of strips

• Provides “positive”, “negative” and “invalid” judgement to each test strip

• Highly sensitive to weak lines, more objective than eye readout

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Research & Development

Project Proposal
POCT Project Proposal

Identify product customers and target markets, determine project names, draft product parameters, including usage, principles, samples, product form, registration classification, interfering substances, market conditions, target customers, costs, etc.

Market Analysis
POCT Products Market Analysis

Project introduction, analysis of potential markets, recommendations for sales areas, analysis of market prospects, competitor analysis and evaluation, analysis of the promotion and application prospects of the project, etc.

Product Development
POCT Product Development

Based on the product background, current research status, technical principles, proposed development form, main parameters, determine product development technology route/process flow, and product technical characteristics, complete product development.

Risk Management
POCT Product Risk Management

Develop a risk management master plan, initial risk analysis, second stage risk review, design stage risk control, product development process risk analysis and control, product production stage risk analysis and control, comprehensive residual risk acceptability evaluation, third stage risk review, risk reanalysis caused by manufacturing process, verify the effectiveness of risk control measures, risk/benefit analysis, comprehensive residual risk evaluation.