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Microalbuminuria (UmAlb) Tests
Microalbuminuria (UmAlb) Tests

Microalbuminuria (UmAlb) Tests

This kit is used for in vitro quantitative detection of the concentrations of Microalbuminuria (UmAlb) in human urine.

In clinical, Microalbuminuria (UmALB) is an extremely important indicator for the diagnosis of early renal dysfunction.

Features of UmAlb Tests

  • Clinical value in early diagnosis of kidney disease

  • Assess the degree of kidney damage

  • High sensitivity, strong specificity, and accurate measurement results

  • Easy to operate and low cost.

  • Sensitive indicators for early kidney disease

  • Beneficial for the prevention and treatment of early kidney damage in diseases, to improve the cure rate and quality of life of patients

Product Details

Applicable Instrument:AFS-1000,AFS2000A
Test Range5mg/L~200mg/L
Time to Result15 minutes
Clinical SignificanceImpaired renal function
Shelf Life/Validity12 months
StorageStore in dark at 4 ℃ to 30 ℃. Use within 1 hour under conditions of humidity below 60%, and use immediately after opening the bag if the humidity exceeds 60%.
Packing10 kits/box;20 kits/box; 40 kits/box; 100kits/box

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