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What is POCT?

Point-of-care testing (POCT), or bedside testing is defned as medical diagnostic testing at or near the point of care-that is, at the time and place of patient care.

How long is our delivery time?

Generally 2 weeks. But sometimes it is affected by irresistible factors, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

What transportation do we support?

We offer air transportation and sea transportation, express delivery is also available.

Does product support self testing?

Some products can be self tested, such as drug testing, veterinary rapid tests, etc. However, most self tested products are a means of monitoring and reference, and cannot be used as the final evidence. If you receive a positive result, please go to a professional medical institution for confirmation.

How about the quality of the products?

We specialized in IVD over 20 years. And we have 181 FDA approved. 90 CE approved and 54 NMPA approved.

What payment methods do we support?

We support wire transfer payments, and before the prodution, it nedds to be paid 30% deposit. If Other payment method you want to used, please contact us to confirm.

What actions should be taken in the case of a false positive test result?

Due to the possibility of positive results when donors take certain prescription drugs or consume specific foods, it is recommended to discuss with a doctor which items are the culprits. After determining that food or medication is the cause, stop consuming the item (according to the doctor's advice) and retest the medication.

If Infectious test is positive, does it mean the infectous disease has been identified?

No, a presumed positive screening does not mean that the pathogen has been detected in the donor system. Many home-run tests result in false positives, so it is important to send samples to the laboratory for further evaluation.

What are the causes when a test is invalid or no read?

If no lines showed after 5 to 10 minutes, the test is considered invalid. The possible reasons for ineffective testing may be operational errors or defects in the products - reusing another testing reagent for test, if no lines appear after multiple reuses of the other testing reagent, it may be due to defects in the testing product. If this situation occurs, please contact the provider and the lot number should be provided to the quality control department for review of batch production records.

How accurate and sensitive are most veterinary rapid screening tests?

Screening tests are accurate and sensitive to specified cut-off levels, but qualitative tests are not as accurate as laboratory tests. If there are viral bacteria in the system, you usually see a presumed positive result. When the results are initially positive, you should send the sample to the laboratory for a second quantification and more accurate testing.